What is a Dry-Age Coolroom (DAC)?

To achieve the best result from any Beef it needs aging, and aging needs time. Dry Aging is a traditional way of aging meat to produce an extraordinary tender and an intense flavour hit. A method used for many years, through which beef reaches the highest possible grade. However, its not just quality cattle that needs to be purchased to get the perfect steak. A dedicated DAC that has the perfect environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and air flow are equally important to the process and here is where polar can help you.

How does it improve beef?

During the aging of meat, proteins that give a muscle its structure and functionality break down to increase tenderness through a process known as proteolysis. As meat ages, large proteins begin to break down into smaller fragments and as this process continues, the meat becomes more tender. The more tender the beef, the better quality is becomes for the end consumer.

Simply put, it makes the beef softer and more flavourful!!

Dry aged beef is extremely popular in many restaurants, butcheries, the DIY chefs and BBQ’er. It has also been termed the “king of meat” by some renowned chefs.

Did you know that Gordon Ramsey (16 michellin stars) has DACs in some of his very successful restaurants.

Polar are your DAC installation specialists

Polar have had the pleasure of installing 2 DACs in the Hunter Valley region for a high end butcher  with complete success.

We are familiar with suppliers, wholesalers and all parts & accessories that accommodate a successful DAC installation including the service and maintenance schedules to keep it functioning for years to come.

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